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Thank you to everyone who purchased juice and/or donated towards our Indiegogo campaign. We are thrilled with the brand recognition and relationships we developed throughout this process and couldn’t have done it without all your support. We are currently in full sales mode working on placing Serafin Juice in as many stores as possible.

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What goes into each hand-crafted Juice?

Love of course! But also more importantly:

Always Organic

Hand selected, organic ingredients down to the last drop. We are USDA certified organic by CCOF.


Made with all natural fruits and vegetables, our Juice doesn't contain artificial or genetically modified ingredients

Whole Body Health

The condition of your whole body contributes to it's healthy function. We press our juices to complement each others benefits to aid in total body health



Our juice contains natural live enzymes, minerals, and vitamins that are able to give your digestive system a vacation.


Our nutrient-rich ingredients are considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being and are widely described as super foods for their life changing effects.


Our juice NEVER contains meat, eggs, dairy or other animal derived substances

When can I get the Juice?

Coming soon to Indiegogo, we'll send you an update on our launch date! Early backers get special discounts so stay tuned!

Let Me Know!

Our Journey


Michigan State University

Go SPARTANS! Attended Michigan State University, found themselves thriving in the IT industry (2010-2015) but thirsted for a more rewarding home grown business.


Aspiring Vegetarians

Over the last few years Amy and Katie have slowly converted their family of eight into "aspiring vegetarians" and "work-in-progress juicers." This is no small feat for a couple of girls from Michigan and strong family ties to the Standard American Diet.


We found our passion

Healthy eating, juicing, education and overall well-being has become a passion of theirs.


The beginning of Serafin Juice

They decided to chase their dreams and take this passion and apply it to their love of business through juicing. Now living in San Diego, they have formed what they know will be something near and dear to their hearts for the rest of their lives; Serafin Juice.


We're Official!

Timeline Image

LLC Formed and logo designed


Making a ripple

Being from the Midwest, we know how difficult it can be to find products like this in all corners of the country. Now both living in dense metropolitan areas we see the demand and know that this now trend will scale out and become a staple in everyone’s diet.


Is this for real?

Packing design and establishing a team

2015February - July

We have a website!

Website development begins & ends!


Indiegogo launch

Kick off our first ever crowdfunding campaign to share with the world what we are looking to create and accomplish!

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